Thursday 24 June 2010

Ancient Tree Hunt

I've just added these lovely mighty Douglas Fir trees to the Woodland Trust's Ancient Tree Hunt.

You can join in the project wherever you are. All you need to do is get out into the forest and go looking for ancient trees. Download an information sheet so you can measure or estimate interesting trees in 'hugs'. The average adult hug is 1.5m (although mine is only 1.25) and hug from 1.5m up the tree. If you can hug an oak tree 3 times or more for instance, then put it on their map to be verified and hopefully protect it in the future.

The Wood nymphs and Tree Spirits will love you for it and they may return your help for an answer to a question you may have if you sit under it... An Ash is a tree of wisdom, so if you have a problem it can help you to solve it, Beech being a tree of justice and law, or the written word, Hazel is the knowledge or inspiration tree.

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