Wednesday 29 July 2009

Fungi is back!

Hurrah, the fungi is coming back! Loads of Panther Cap about and even more LBJ's (little brown jobs).

Den Building

Here's Will, in his favourite place at the moment where he does a Forest Survival walk and den building session, where you can learn about wild foods, fire making and natural navigation. Here's some of the best dens of the summer season....

Tuesday 28 July 2009

Berries and Pollen

Loads of pollen for the insects, this hoverfly is enjoying a nice calming bit of valerian. The Rowan berries are really red and juicy this year too. We'll be OK at Halloween around here then, being that Rowan and Butterwort protects from evil magic and witches :-)


The dandelions are ready to test as 'clocks', however many times it takes to blow the seeds is supposed to be the time? Don't wet the bed though! Taken from the french name 'dent de lion' as the leaves are jagged like lions teeth.

Days Eye

Lots, of various daisy's on the cabin site, all taken from 'days eye'.

Saturday 25 July 2009

Faery's and Treasure Hunts

Just started making faery's as part of the kids craft sessions on the campsite. This is Logan the faery on the right, who is keeper of the forest treasure and map. You can have a piece of the treasure if you can solve the forest puzzles and discover Logan's important message....

Friday 17 July 2009


Lovely view travelling back to the Trossachs via the west coast!

Fairy Wood

Aha, it's still here! We came across this fairy forest while we were doing LEJOG, but the photo's didn't come out. Coming back this time there's even more fairies and their houses, and more money collected for charity. I hope it stays for a long time!! I won't tell you where it is, as the fun is in the finding, other than it is in The Great Glen, somewhere.

If you find it keep the secret safe :-)

Faery houses...

On the edge of one of the lochs on The Great Glen Way

Thursday 16 July 2009

Ben Nevis

Had a couple of days off for Will's birthday - 39 now, oooh! Decided to go for it up to Ben Nevis in the hope of a view for a change, and third time lucky for me and fifth time lucky for Will (second time for Daisy), we finally did!
I can't believe how high the snow was last time we were up, as far as the hut in the background. Don't you just hate mobile phones on summits!

Ben Nevis Views...
The one on the right is near gully number 4, the one Will scared himself silly on during a winter mountaineering course :-)

More Ben Nevis views...
Harebell, blowin' in the breeze.

Wednesday 1 July 2009

Three Lochs Drive Sculpture Trail

Just off the Dukes Pass, there is the Three Lochs Drive - all the joys of a walk in the forest but from the comfort of your own car so great for harsh mountain weather! This was a short sculpture trail walk where there are musical instruments along the way - great fun.