Thursday 21 March 2013

Nix in Nature

And so our journey continues.... We are giving a shot at doing our own ranger walks and hopefully eventually, cycle tours and hill walks later on.  I aim to start getting creative again and hope to start selling some things and I am also learning Reiki, so that may well take me off onto a different tangent again.  All very exciting!

Nix in Nature is the name I have decided upon after a couple of friends I met after leaving the rat race starting to call me that.  If you are interseted, look up a Nixie in Wikipeadia.  A Nix (or Nixie being the female version) in German folklore is a water sprite/mermaid that lure men to drown in the water! Mmm, maybe I was drowned as a witch in a previous lifetime and want to get my own back? In human form they can be identified by the wet hem of their clothes - which my trousers often are, but probably more due to the fact that I have short legs and my trousers are always too long for me and so I drag the hems in the wet forest puddles.  I have started to wear wellies more and if any men are kind enough to come on our walks I promise not to try and drown them!

Here is our new website, although this will be a temporary page until we have time to develop this.

Also, here is our new Nix in Nature blog specifically for the business side of things and our Facebook group which you can ask to be member of.