Friday 16 October 2015

Daisy Dogsmuck

"Here's a quick overview of my 15 years of fabulous walkies, adventures and naughtiness!"
17th May 2000 - 13th August 2015

Puppy Power

"I feel my puppy power brewing, I know, I'll be really naughty so that my first owners can't take it any more, then I can pretend to be really cute so that I appeal to help Nanny Walker with my company, then I'll scare her to death, pooh all over her kitchen floor while I run about like a lunatic until I worm my way into Will and Nikki's care, all by the time I'm 6 months old."
"Phew - I'm where I want to be but I still feel so full of naughtiness and mischief, I just can't help myself, but I've utterly exhausted myself and my new Pa!"

"What can I get up to know?  They won't let me eat Chinese food like my last owners, or quavers, I go nuts for them! I know, I'll eat the dining room table leg, burrow myself into the sofa, pee on it, then have a poo on it, oh and then I'll be sick on it, followed by a helping of insistent barking. It might make my new Mum and Dad move out of the city and into a house with grass in the garden?"
"Chillin with my Pa."
"Doing my Ma's head in with my butt, I love riding on backs it seems."


New Place

"Right, I'm in! My flippin' mental insanity has helped manifest a move to a quiet bungalow estate in Portchester. I feel so much better now I'm away from all that traffic and the scary boxer two doors away.  As a thank you, I will never pee or poo in the house, I've decided to be house trained immediately!"
"I'm loving all this filth, decorating, gardening - although I am proving to be a bit accident prone. I've slashed my leg open on a metal bucket, then I hurt my leg jumping off the bench."
"Look at me, I'm feeling quite shapely as I get older, my leg muscles are forming nicely after lots of walkies and jumping incessantly like Zebedee.  I love looking out the window on the horsey sofa too."

Backpack Walkies and Lots of Chillin'

"Yippee, loads of walkies, although I am a bit sad to leave our lovely bungalow but lots of adventures on the horizon I think. I'm loving being with my Ma and Pa so much, I hated being left at home while they were caught up in the rat race."

Here are the highlights to this trip.

"My new house that moves where we want is just brill', and I love the blown air heating sooooo much that I don't even care that my brain nearly fries!"
"Even better than the blown air heating is 'change the sheets time' - I sneak in and like to get caught in the duvet cover so tight that you can see me blinking under the sheets :-)."
"Mmmmm, Christmas dinner in the campervan!"


"After all that backpacking to John O'Groats, we're off again for even more walkies, first to the lovely Lakes then back up to Scotland. Mum and Dad have fallen in love with Scotland big time, which is great as I love all the fresh air, deer poo and snow!"

"Pike O'Blisco - Lakes"
"Scafell Pike - Lakes"
"Cairn Gorm - Scotland, brrrrrr!"
"I'm on top of the world (well Britain), I'm bloody knackered, I'll see if I can look really sorry for myself then Dad will put me in his rucksack again, just until we get below the snowline then I will pull him all the way down Ben Nevis! I tried climbing Snowdon a while ago but it was flippin' freezing, I probably wouldn't have been allowed in the pub anyway, I have a taste for waiters, tee he he."
"Oh, who's idea was it that I go in Dad's rucksack, he's crap, Mum only fell over once. Although she smells today, she peed in her salopettes after trying to do it like a man through a funnel, but used it upside down, snort, keep it natural and get a cold butt :-)"
"Tea time."
"Aah, Christmas card trees."

Daisy Love's Water

"Look at it, look at it all, all that lovely water to play in, bark at, fart next to and generally get ridiculously hyper at it."
"Go on Dad, throw it, throw it!"
"Shall I jump?"
"Where's the water gone?"

"Off to the New Forest for a bit of work and to chase and bark at the ponies, one of them bloomin' stood and cut my leg though after I decided to have a good bark at her, ouch!"

Daisy Does Howling

"I like having a good howl along with the tawny owl hoot. Dad always takes it too far though and does it too much, until Mum tells him to pack it in."

Daisy does swimming in the air

"Much to everyone else's amusement, I can also demonstrate my amazing swimming skills in the air. My tail makes an excellent rudder too."

Daisy Does Barking

"I love a good bark! I am a bit more chilled as I get older though but still can't help it if we stop for too long, especially near water. This time it was pignut digging."

Daisy Does Snoozing

"A bog roll makes a fantastic pillow."
"Just give me the nosh so we can hurry up and get camped!"

Daisy Strikes a Pose