Sunday 15 August 2010

River Forth

Many an interesting thing in the River Forth. Here's a caddis fly case city we found on one of my ranger walks and Will, finally gets to have a play in the river himself after getting a blow up kayak for his birthday from his Mum and Dad.

Sunday 8 August 2010

National Space Centre

On our way back to Scotland we stopped at the National Space Centre in Leicester. Will had wanted to go for ages (having previously wanting to be a space man), so Debbie and Mick bought us some tickets for his 40th birthday present. It was really interesting, even for me and look forward to going back. The 360d surround cinema was the best.

Friday 6 August 2010

Oli & Nikki get Married

The day was really great and everyone had a fab time. Congratulations Oli & Nikki!

Oli, Will, my sister Debbie, Mum and me.

My nephew, Liam, was really sweet reading out a love poem at the ceromony. He was so emotional he burst into tears, but amazingly managed to read it all the way through really clearly. Anyone who wasn't already crying, was by now. A moment in his life to reflect on always, or at least we will when he gets a girlfriend.

Freddie his brother, meanwhile had literally a hair rasing experience to come. Busy with all the groovy dancing on the dancefloor, little did he know that a few days later he would be getting his appendix out at QA! All better now thank goodness.

Will, being the best man prepared a suitably silly speech, which included using a 'South Park' style mask of my other brother Phil to deliver his message as he couldn't make to the wedding being that he was in Cananda serving in the army. A usually confident Will, was thrown a little after Oli's really touching speech, but still managed a few laughs during his own speech :-D
After the celebrations, Oli & Nikki were off to Durdle Door, in Dorset for a camping honeymoon, but then after counting their wedding vouchers then went on to another slightly up market honeymoon in Cuba.

Thursday 5 August 2010

Stag Night

Another stag do, but just a few drinkies at Port Solent before the big day. Oli made sure Liam came along to make sure Will didn't do anything naughty with him, but Will did succeed in making Oli really nervous about what he 'might' do....

Hec, it must have been a rough night, there's a dinasour on Southsea seafront, having just left the wedding venue, The Queen's Hotel??

Tuesday 3 August 2010

Back Home to Portsmouth Again...

Back again, this time for my brother, Oli and Nikki's wedding. Before that it was great to catch up with everyone again. Here's our nephew's Freddie and William painting, my goodness, mum needs a house clearance if she thinks she is going to move into a caravan! Loving her pinny on William though :-)

Had meals out for all but one day while we were down - naughty but nice. Here we are with Will's family in The Seagul pub at Portchester.

Sunday 1 August 2010

Wacky Races at Cobleland

The high adrenaline sport of raft racing is starting to get really popular as we enter the August holidays. Here you can see 'Wilson' (with action man) winning, but we had to disqualify him as it was unfair to let the ranger win. He never won again all season!

Here's the ranger tent-many a fond memory on the site over the last two years. Sad this will be the last season here as Cobleland will be managed by the Camping and Caravanning club next year :-(.