Tuesday 27 May 2008

Fun Time

GMTV's Matt Arnold, came to visit the campsite and had us put up his tent in Benny Hill style speed! He lied when he said he'd slept in it. We knew because it was a recycled tent and airbed that had a slow puncture : )

Had a complimentary canoe trip to a pub at Bulieau with Justin from Liquid Logistics. He was great fun and told us some local history and where to look for wildlife. We saw a barn owl and lots of jelly fish, but didn't manage to see a kingfisher.

Sunday 11 May 2008

Other New Forest Campsites

We cycled over to Matley Wood and nearly walked into this caterpillar hanging about on his silk.

A riverside Aldridge Hill is also a delight, as are Annie who looks after the campsite and her husband, Ian who is a Forest Keeper. We've learnt so much about the forest from them. Their house is fab', they get the deer ruts right outside. We will have to try and see one of the drifts one day. Will is asking Annie's opinion of a mushroom he found on the heath.