Thursday 28 August 2008

Farewell to The New Forest Fungi

All the fungi is coming out to play! A wonder through the heather later and we found these lovely, but poisonous panther caps. Then, just before we had to leave the forest for our new job in Scotland, we found this delicious beef steak fungus hanging off an oak tree. We waited a day for it to grow a bit more, then took it to slice and watch it bleed like steak. We gave a slice to our families to try, but not sure if they tried it!!?? Unfortunately, our slice went off before we could eat it, but it's supposed to taste quite bitter, but lovely tossed in a salad?? Bye for now The New Forest!

Debates, Swings and Kingfishers

We went backpacking with Jonathan before he went back home, here he is with Will having one of their disagreable debates no doubt. At a guess, maybe they're discussing the life and times of camping cookers, or, another light weight debate?

Here's a naughty swing that isn't allowed in The New Forest, Jonathan had a go, but fell in the river :-). In the meantime I was the sensible one taking pictures and catching a flash of a kingfisher.

Wednesday 27 August 2008

Hollands Wood Cart

Here's some detail of the Hollands Wood cart that I restored and painted for Ben and Louvain at the campsite in The New Forest. They are taking it to Bulgaria where they have a new business and holiday home with the same name. They will be there from October 2009.

Bat and mouse...

Verdigris toadstool and Fly Agaric...

Red Squirrel munching on acorns, just coming into its winter coat and soon to lose his tufts.

Peacock butterfly and a Nuthatch.

Thursday 14 August 2008

Freddie and Fungi

My family came up to visit for a few days camping, so it was great to see everyone. Here's my nephew, Freddie at the pub, zonked out after all that fresh air. We'd just found out we were going to go up to Scotland to work and do ranger walks, so time to revise... quickly! Alan, who is going to be a ranger in The New Forest in 2010 is helping Will identify some fungi.