Saturday 24 February 2007

Daisy Gets Cold

Despite Daisy's fluffy new coat, she had to go in Will's rucksack for a warm up as we stopped a while making sure we navigated safely off the summit. We didn't want to stab her with our crampons either. I think we need to get her some doggie boots!

Nikki's First Winter Ascent of The Ben

You can just see the old observatory behind me under a good few feet of snow. It was a wierd sensation being totally surrounded by white and horizontal shards of ice.

My leaving cheque from my friends at Hampshire County Council bought me these lovely, but heavy winter boots and crampons that got me safely up and down. :-)

Will on Ben Nevis

After Will attended a hairy two day mountaineering course, (which involved climbing Gully Number 4 on The Ben) he taught me the steps on Aonach Moor. We didn't make the top as we decided to climb up through the rough pathless heather from the bottom of the ski lift so we ran out of time. We'll have to take the ski lift next time!

Anyway, we made the summit of Ben Nevis, but as usual, no view at the top!
Daisy looks a tad chilly too.

Thursday 8 February 2007

Hadrian the Snowman

After getting snowed in at Hadrian's Wall we found a way to amuse ourselves with snow fights and attempting snow angels. Our favourite was building a Budha style snowman complete with masculine essentials!

The Campsite at Haltwhistle was great despite the frozen taps. The farmer and his wife made sure we had plenty of water and fresh eggs though :-).