Thursday 22 March 2007

Wierd Rock Formations

Just off from the Cairn Gorm summit was this lovely bit of rock.

Loch Avon

Our last day in the Cairngorms and the cloud had finally lifted from Cairn Gorm summit to reveal Loch Avon below.

Windswept Cairn Gorm Summit

Despite all the snow, the wind was so bad it had been blown from the summit to reveal very icy rock. We met some tourists from the train further down, the lady was trying to get up here with high heals! We said that she would have to dig her heels in! Needles to say they didn't get far thank goodness, they were nice though :-)

Wednesday 21 March 2007

Nikki Stays Upright

Wey hey, I found something I'm better than Will at, although I did have the advantage of not having a dog on my back. This is the Queen's Forest.

Cross Country Skiing

As walking was getting too exhausting in the waist deep snow on the hills, we decided to try something equally exhausting. We were intrigued to watch people cross country skiing on the snow covered, sandy loch shore so we thought we'd have a go.

We couldn't leave Daisy out of the fun so Will took her along in a rucksack. I don't think it did Will any good though, he must have fallen over fifty times. It was funny until he fell on the side of the ski blade! Daisy didn't mind though with all the Pine Marten tracks to sniff.

Monday 19 March 2007

Daisy's Cold Again

Daisy loved getting in the rucksack when we stopped for breaks. As long as she leaves my crunchie bar alone in the side pouch!

She got cold tootsies too when Will was making snow angels.

Glenmore Forest

How about this for a Christmas card scene. We've never seen so much snow and what better place to see it than at Glenmore Forest Park in the Cairngorms!

Sunday 18 March 2007

Shepherd's Hill

Enjoying the views of Loch Morlich where our lovely warm motor home is camped after climbing Meau A'bhuachaille (otherwise known as Shepherd's Hill).

Monday 12 March 2007

Lochan Dubh a Chadha

A choppy Lochan Dubh a Chadha, after we got caught in a windy snow storm. You can see Cairn Gorm and the ski resort behind.
There is a wild herd of reindeer in the area too which gave us a suprise - the stags antlers were absolutely enormous! We didn't want to make them feel threatened, especially with Daisy, so we'll have to get a photo of them next time.

Thursday 8 March 2007

First ascent of Cairn Gorm

A very chilly and windy Cairn Gorm summit. I think we need to get Daisy some goggles, it was the worst wind we had ever been in on the way down, worse than the forecast! A reminder to be prepared and all that...

Thursday 1 March 2007

Loch Laidon

A serene Loch Laidon near Rannoch train station in the Scottish Highlands. Too cold for midges thank goodness but we did see a white mountain hare the next day at Glen Tilt, he was bigger (and faster) than Daisy.