Wednesday 26 November 2008

Lovely Lichen & Brill' Bracket Fungi

There's loads of lichen up here, which means there's loads of fresh clean air to breathe...aaah. Also, lots of bracket fungi, this one is Birch Polypore, or Razor Strop fungi as you can sharpen a knife back and forth on the top like an old fashioned barber would on a strap. Brings it up better than a sharpening stone - the wonders of nature eh!

Friday 21 November 2008

Faery Hill

Just around the corner from the campsite is Doon, or Faery Hill. Aberfoyle is also known as the enchanted village so there are loads of faeries living here! There are many secrets of the forest to learn from them, but to find out more and why they live in this hill with the Faery Minister, who disapeared from our world in 1692, you will have to come on one of my Ranger walks!
If you choose to go there on your own, be sure to take a gift for the faeries and don't take away anything from the hill! Probably best not to walk around the bottom of the hill three times either as you might dissappear!? Any wishes should be left on natural cotton, tread carefully.....

Wednesday 12 November 2008

Ben Venue

Had a great walk up Ben Venue. Amazing forests and great views, a bit windy up top as usual!