Sunday 30 September 2012

The Forest Log

After five years with Forest Holidays it was time to move on. It was very sad to leave behind a major step in our outdoor life journey, including of course the friends we had made there.  I will really miss our tiny friends at the bedroom window too (the fledglings, not Calum peeking in :-) Pecks and the three woodpecker fledglings, four blue tit fledglings that played on the see-saw witches broomstick and squirrely red too of course!  We hope to be back in the area soon after a break to see you all soon.

Thank you to everyone there for having faith in our enthusiasm and giving us a shot at being rangers in the first place - a hard two year learning curve what with combining the job as site assistants too, but worth it.  Thanks also for being open to ideas and giving us the opportunity to live in the forest with all that nature has to offer.

Here is a link to the Forest Holidays Ranger Activities at Strathyre.  You never know, we may be able to cover the odd ranger holiday there for old times sake.  There is a picture of me in the old rangers den and the walks seem to be similar still to the ones we set up and named :-) The Forest Holidays Rangers blog which I added a few posts to is still live, but not sure if they will continue to use it as things move on?

Monday 6 August 2012

Look beyond the shite!

Hi friends! Yet again a massive gap in our blog, it's been a testing couple of years but I will be adding some more entries soon.  I am working on a new website so I will keep you posted about that but will keep this as a 'friends and family' blog :-)
I thought this lump in the Lakes recently represented how life can be in that a high always follow a low point and the horizon is always bright.  It can actually be beautiful in its own right if you look at it from certain angles and because of what you can learn from it.