Friday 16 October 2015

Backpack Walkies and Lots of Chillin'

"Yippee, loads of walkies, although I am a bit sad to leave our lovely bungalow but lots of adventures on the horizon I think. I'm loving being with my Ma and Pa so much, I hated being left at home while they were caught up in the rat race."

Here are the highlights to this trip.

"My new house that moves where we want is just brill', and I love the blown air heating sooooo much that I don't even care that my brain nearly fries!"
"Even better than the blown air heating is 'change the sheets time' - I sneak in and like to get caught in the duvet cover so tight that you can see me blinking under the sheets :-)."
"Mmmmm, Christmas dinner in the campervan!"

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