Friday 16 October 2015


"After all that backpacking to John O'Groats, we're off again for even more walkies, first to the lovely Lakes then back up to Scotland. Mum and Dad have fallen in love with Scotland big time, which is great as I love all the fresh air, deer poo and snow!"

"Pike O'Blisco - Lakes"
"Scafell Pike - Lakes"
"Cairn Gorm - Scotland, brrrrrr!"
"I'm on top of the world (well Britain), I'm bloody knackered, I'll see if I can look really sorry for myself then Dad will put me in his rucksack again, just until we get below the snowline then I will pull him all the way down Ben Nevis! I tried climbing Snowdon a while ago but it was flippin' freezing, I probably wouldn't have been allowed in the pub anyway, I have a taste for waiters, tee he he."
"Oh, who's idea was it that I go in Dad's rucksack, he's crap, Mum only fell over once. Although she smells today, she peed in her salopettes after trying to do it like a man through a funnel, but used it upside down, snort, keep it natural and get a cold butt :-)"
"Tea time."
"Aah, Christmas card trees."

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