Friday 16 October 2015

Puppy Power

"I feel my puppy power brewing, I know, I'll be really naughty so that my first owners can't take it any more, then I can pretend to be really cute so that I appeal to help Nanny Walker with my company, then I'll scare her to death, pooh all over her kitchen floor while I run about like a lunatic until I worm my way into Will and Nikki's care, all by the time I'm 6 months old."
"Phew - I'm where I want to be but I still feel so full of naughtiness and mischief, I just can't help myself, but I've utterly exhausted myself and my new Pa!"

"What can I get up to know?  They won't let me eat Chinese food like my last owners, or quavers, I go nuts for them! I know, I'll eat the dining room table leg, burrow myself into the sofa, pee on it, then have a poo on it, oh and then I'll be sick on it, followed by a helping of insistent barking. It might make my new Mum and Dad move out of the city and into a house with grass in the garden?"
"Chillin with my Pa."
"Doing my Ma's head in with my butt, I love riding on backs it seems."


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