Sunday 20 September 2009

Juicy Berries

The juicy berries are a welcome sight as Autumn is getting into full swing....
Elderberry on the left and Hawthorn on the right. The haws and leaves are known as Bread and cheese, mmm tasty.
I'm really getting into the 'Celtic Wisdom of Trees'. Elder wands can be used to drive out evil spirits, or you can easily make panpipes or flutes by pushing out the pith of elder; the music through which having the same power of the wand.
Hawthorn has loads of great stuff; you have to ask the faery's permission before you eat from it though. It was the first maypole dancing tree, it can be used for marriage spells and if you let the dew fall on you it will beautify you forever. That coming from the blossom which is used to draw out impurities in face creams. You can also make a calming tea from the leaves and blossom which is good for anxiety and high blood pressure. Love it!

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