Friday 18 September 2009

Back to Work

Back to work, but we are living at Strathrye Cabins now that we haven't the wee little green Forest Holiday van and the Ranger walks have finished for the season at Cobleland. I think we have the best view on the site as we are right on the shore of Loch Lubnaig! We can see the red deer on the hills opposite and they're just coming into the rutting season so we'll be able to hear them roaring soon. I'll miss the regular red squirrel visits that we had at Cobleland but we'll have to try and get a pine marten feeding station here instead.
Spot the three roe deer hinds pictured from our back window. Their white rumps are used as a warning flash to each other if they need to run away, which they did as we tried to get a nearer shot. Camera shot that is, some people think that the white is for the purpose of target shooting!

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