Friday 24 December 2010

Local faery, Kee, from Doon Hill also popped in to put wishes on the tree for the kids. Everyone must have been good boys and girls as Santa had come back during the night and left a stocking for all the cabins.
Me and the boss are dressed as Celtic Druids for the old stories, myth and folklore tales where I revealed just what makes a bearded fat man dress in red and white and deliver presents around the world and how his reindeer fly using a toadstool! The Celtic Tree month is birch, so we made birch pendants with the Celtic ogham signs. Birch signifies cleansing of bad thoughts, so new beginnings, love, good fortune and changes in luck can be invited, together with the promise of light as the days get longer again.
Apologies to everyone that had a candy stick from the tree, they turned out to be plastic, eek!!

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