Sunday 31 October 2010

All Hallows Eve

Happy Celtic New Year everyone! Another chance to let go of unwanted habits and start a fresh with your dreams :-). We did a Halloween 'Trick or Treat' party at the cabins where I told everyone where all the little traditions of Halloween originate from and we played both new and old games, including; wrap the mummy, apple bobbing and fortune telling - great fun.

Here is Will and I dressed as Druids, well, Will is more of a Celtic warrior (although they fought naked, oh er), but traditionally they wore animal masks to confuse mischievous faeries or non ancestral spirits on their festival of Samhain. They then feasted with and remembered their ancestors and practised divination, being easier to achieve on this night. I tried to do some, not sure if it works yet, I'll have to wait and see.....

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CJ said...

hi it is cameron i really like your halloween costume and i have sent you an email only if you see this love from cameron