Saturday 29 May 2010

Delightful Dragonflies

For crying out load, how on earth is this possible? Here at Cobleland we have been watching the dragonflies emerging from their nymph cases - amazing! But how does such a large Gold Ringed Dragonfly come out of its case only half its size, telescopic abilities I suppose? They climb out of the River Forth and camoflage themselves on a nearby tree, then over a few hours transform and emerge from something really gruesome and blossom into an amazing dragonfly. Nature never ceases to amaze me.

The nymphs live in the water for a few years, eating small fish with it's 'Alien' type snapping jaws and then break out the back. Apparantly the film 'Alien' is based on this 'tiger of the insect world. I can see how, luckily they don't feed on us, but in prehistoric times their wingspan was 2 metres and flew at 40mph!

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