Sunday 10 January 2010

Loony Weather...Still.

Well, it's finally gone and done it, Loch Lubnaig has frozen over. I wouldn't walk on it though. I hear the Lake of Menteith (the only lake in Scotland) has been enjoying curling stones being hurled on its surface, but this water is a bit deeper!

It's wierd though, as it has seemed to warm up a bit. We can tell due to the blown air heating in the van not screeching on overdrive, keeping us awake all night. Doesn't bother Daisy though, she has the best seat in the house (van). Despite her bed having prime position on the best hot air vent, she still insists on laying like lady muck right in front of it, frying her brain! Mmmmm, maybe that's why she's so loony!

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